Peering Your Peers

Peering Your Peers

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Mission Statement

To allow, provide direction, advocate for and create, peer initiatives to incorporate the combined use of life experiences and formal/informal education of marginalized individuals in a manner that results in a positive outcome for themselves and the nonprofit organizations they are provided services by


To become the leading marginalized demographics Peer Support Training company in Waterloo Region specializing in coaching/supporting persons living with or at risk of homelessness, addictions, trauma or mental health issues.


Peering Your Peers supplies services to Not for Profit Organizations and/or marginalized individuals in order to assist in identifying skills and abilities while assisting in finding ways to capitalize on such identified  skills and abilities in order to bring about a positive outcome.


To advocate for the marginalized populations untapped potential.

To assist Not for Profit Organizations in building rapport with their marginalized target population.

To offer consultation and services to Not for Profit Organizations and marginalized individuals based on a combination of life experience and knowledge.

To provide services at an affordable yet competitive rate.