Peering Your Peers

Peering Your Peers

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Randy Verdone started Peering Your Peers as a way to make use of his life experience, skill sets and education, keeping in line with his egalitarian values and belief in collaboration and empowering people.

Living a life of ongoing recovery from addictions, numerous types of trauma and mental health issues, Randy knows first hand how important it is to personal recovery to be able to access supports that have first hand knowledge and experience.

Peering Your Peers is here to help people bring about real and sustainable change as they prepare to travel their journey of recovery.

Peering Your Peers is built on the ‘Principles of Peer Support’ as identified in the newly released Peer Support Guidelines by the Mental Health Commission of Canada.

Run by Randy Verdone a Level III Certified Peer Trainer/Consultant, Peering Your Peers is a unique company in Waterloo Region that assists marginalized individuals so that they in turn can help others.