Peering Your Peers

Peering Your Peers

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Throughout our lives our paths cross those of many others….


If you work for a nonprofit organization then you know that a variety of people with a variety of backgrounds continuously come through the door.  Each of these individuals has skill sets and abilities that could be of assistance to either your organization or someone else involved in your organization. Peering Your Peers helps in identifying those skill sets and, if the individual is willing to volunteer their time and services to your organization, place that volunteer accordingly. In not doing so nonprofit organizations are overlooking or mishandling one of their most cost-effective and valuable resources. In order to ensure that all aspects of cost savings are explored and that your volunteers and clients feel like they are invaluable, there must be a comprehensive list of your volunteers and/or clients abilities and skill sets. Doing so does take time but in the end is well worth the money and effort as you find the resources internally that allow you to expand your impact as you strive to fulfill your mission. Sometimes this means creating new Peer Initiatives that will allow for the use of those skill sets and abilities, other times if involves redeveloping already existing programs or initiatives to allow for the use of these newly identified assets.

Contact me and let me show you how your organization can to obtain growth through resources already at your fingertips.