Peering Your Peers

Peering Your Peers

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Real men cry?!?!

April 5, 2012

I have been sitting here for about half an hour letting tears fall as they may, not tumultuous torrents but rather a cool refreshing drizzle.  No conscious reason for them, they just fall, unbidden yet welcome.  Tears that seem to have no emotion tied to them, nor is there any physical reason for them either.  I feel so refreshed now.  It was not that today was a rough day, in fact it was quite ordinary, there was nothing I was aware of that may have triggered some subconscious memory.  So what is with the tears?

I will admit I have had my bouts of tears in the past but nothing like what just happened. It was like nothing I have ever experienced. Caused not by ‘feelings’ as such but more a sense of a state of being. Of loss yet at the same time happiness, loneliness yet at the same time held and comforted, anxious yet relieved and content.


I am not going to try to analyze why this happened.  I do not wish to take away from the magic of it.

We as men are usually taught from a young age that “boys don’t cry”, “only girls cry” and “only the weak cry”.  I hate to admit it but I have caught myself telling my own son those things as well.  Being either out rightly taught or subliminally taught that men must be strong and never show weakness is one of the circles that I must break.  I need to show my children that a man can cry and still be strong.  So I pledge that I will teach my son that it is okay to cry, I will also teach him to fight and how to say “come and call me weak to my face and I will show you how much of a girl I am”. Winking smile

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