Peering Your Peers

Peering Your Peers

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January 26, 2012

What a week.  I am physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually exhausted.

Exactly a week ago a very strong and caring support passed away.  She had just celebrated her 95th birthday 3 days prior.  If anyone had asked her she would have told them that she had lived to long.  She is now at peace and as for myself, I had my cry.  I will carry on, wiser than I was three years ago before I met this astounding woman.

She taught me a lot of things.  She taught me about various flora that I did not know yet.  Flowers, trees, bushes, hedges, fruit bearing plants, she knew it all and grew it all.  Apples, pears, a mandarin tree, elderberry’s, raspberry’s, strawberry’s, currents, gooseberry’s, the list went on and on.  She grew every single one of these and more, plus had the backyard spotted with large, beautiful gardens.

From her I learnt how to pickle, jar, stew, and candy various fruits and vegetables.  I also learnt how to make jam’s and jelly’s.  She showed me how to make baked, stuffed fish and ribs so tender the meat melts in your mouth.  She taught me how to keep a clean house and I learned how to make the most of the small pleasures that life avails us.

The most important thing she taught me though was how to make lemonade with the lemons that life throws at me.  I learnt how to let problems be like water running off a duck’s back, fleeting and barely penetrating the surface.  She showed me how doing a job that I did not enjoy could help me refocus my mind.  She taught me what it meant to love people unconditionally.  She taught me that sometimes blind trust is required in order to accomplish a goal.  She showed me how to turn a blind eye to others behaviours regardless of how self-destructive for my own wellbeing.

She was an important figure in my life for the last 3 years and as time goes on I will blog about the things that she taught me and how I am adapting them into my life.  There is so much I could say but for now though I say….

Rest in Peace Helen and thank you for allowing me to share time with you.

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