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Peering Your Peers

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Affirmations Part III

December 28, 2011

I remember as a child being taught that everything has its own place and time.  Until recently I never realized what that fully meant, at that point in my life I thought it only applied to stuff that needed to be put away.  Now as my recovery nears its second year I am realizing how profound that statement was.  Every emotion, every genre of thought, every action and/or reaction everything happens in its own time.

Now there is “natural” compartmentalism that occurs without effort, for example, appropriate emotions in response to various external stimuli.  Now some things are taught to us growing up and are part of “societal” compartmentalism such as appropriate discussions with appropriate people (you don’t talk about your bedroom life with your parents).  Then there is the “self” compartmentalism, giving all other aspects of our lives their own time and space.

Take a look at the routines in your own lives.  Do you brush your teeth at certain points throughout the day? Do you take pills regularly? Do you work or attend scheduled activities?  The list goes on and on.  You have provided a compartment for each and every one of these routines in your life.

Now if you are a visual person like me, then write down the routines you can think of, all of them no matter how obscure. Do you watch certain television programs? Do you use the washroom at certain times? Do you wake up at the same time every night?   Do you use a certain greeting more than others?

Now that you have given yourself a starting point you can make your own affirmation box.

You want to look at all the “compartments” that you can presently think of, (or you wrote down), and then you want to examine it and see if it is satisfactory to you.  If it is satisfactory to you then write it down and add it to your affirmation box, if it is not satisfactory then write that down in a positive manner and put it into your affirmation box.

Let me explain a bit better by giving a personal example.

I brush my teeth every morning and every evening (I chew gum between).  In doing this exercise I examine my teeth.  I am satisfied with the whiteness and cleanliness of my teeth but as I brush I realize that my technique could use a little work.  So I write two affirmations.  One says “My teeth are clean and just as white as most peoples”, the second one says, “I work on improving my brushing technique to ensure my oral health”.  I put both on these in my affirmation box.

Now repeat these steps with more aspects of your life.  Soon you will have many more affirmations.  They may seem basic and even stupid to you but trust me, they are worth reading to yourself, especially if you lack confidence like I did before I first started using affirmations seriously.  After you have written down about 30 different affirmations put them into a box (if you can’t think of 30 things that is okay, any number is a good number to start at), now you can start using your affirmation box.

Remember you want to give your affirmations their own place and time, set a new routine.  A routine that builds you up and strengthens you while grow.  All you need to do to start this uplifting process is read ONE of the affirmations you wrote down when you start your day.

Doing this also provides you a point of distraction throughout the day.  If you find yourself thinking of things that may cause you undo stress, anxiety or depression, then force yourself to think about your affirmation that day.  The affirmations work great as distractions throughout the day.

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The more I read from you the more I find I need to do a lot of work on myself, when I thought I was all good. I know I’m not perfect, but I didn’t realize I was this far away from it. Staying one step better than I was yesterday can give me a false security. But keep trying to help people like me. 😀


March 25, 2014

Thank you so Wayne. Keep in mind that the level of work each person has to do on themselves differs person to person. Just because you have never done everything I have doesnt mean that you have to do it. I just tell people what I have done and hope that perhaps bits and peices can be a match for their own journeys of personal growth.

P.Y.P. PeeringYourPeers

March 25, 2014