Peering Your Peers

Peering Your Peers

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Affirmations Part II

December 24, 2011

Now the list that I provided in Part 1 of this blog post is just a small portion of the daily affirmations that I use on a regular basis. I have affirmations dealing with everything from looks to brainpower, from taking back power from past abusers to allowing myself to be vulnerable in certain circumstances.  It is also important to remember every affirmation serves it’s own purpose.

My affirmations not only help me build my self-esteem, they also act as reminders of traits, personality and characteristics that I hold dear, good things that are part of the me-ness that I wish to maintain and/or expand upon.

These affirmations are also the tie between my past, present and future.

My affirmations have been specially formulated and or assimilated by me and for me alone.

I look into my past and realize that I never took the time to reinforce the ‘good’ aspects of myself, to this day I can not take a compliment and I find it extremely difficult to recognize my accomplishments.  Presently, as I continue to work toward my goals, I permit myself time to reflect on and celebrate my accomplishments.  Although my accomplishments may be minor and insignificant to many people, these accomplishments are major successes for me.  Finally as I open a new page on my life, I like to ground myself, reminding myself that I am not perfect and have a lot further to go yet before I reach Nirvana. (although I think I already made it there once, while on a mixture of various narcotics and hallucinogens.)

How has having an Affirmation Box actually helped?  Truth be told.  There are so many good things a person can say to themselves yet don’t.  So many different aspects of themselves that we would like to change or ‘tweak’ yet they forget when the opportunity arises.  There are so many personality traits that we could work on improving but without the constant reminders we find ourselves slipping back into old habits. Affirmations help me by providing daily reminders to continue my self improvements.  Keeping me alert to things in my life that I must constantly be aware of.

So try it out.  Write down some uplifting sentences and then read one of them to yourself every morning.  You will be pleasantly surprised I guarantee it.

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