Peering Your Peers

Peering Your Peers

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Affirmations Part I

December 13, 2011

I thought I would write this blog on a topic you don’t hear many people (especially men) blog about and that is affirmations.  I confess that I use them daily; I start when I wake up and stop doing them until I go to bed.  (Yes I do use and maintain an affirmation box.  If anyone has a problem with that then let me know and we can discuss it J)

I have found them to be especially helpful during this holiday season as I prepare to celebrate Christmas for the first time with my children.  I feel privileged, yet saddened about it.  Saddened because they have never before been able to experience Christmas with a tree and all the trimmings and I blame myself fully for that.  Yet I am happy that I get to ensure that their first real Christmas is something to remember for the rest of their lives.

I am learning to let go of worry.

Each day I’m growing in my capacity to master worry and anxiety.

I am learning not to feed my worries – to choose peace over fear.

I choose thoughts that are supportive and beneficial to me.

When anxious thoughts come, I make time to relax and release them.

Deep relaxation gives me the freedom of choice to move out of fear.

Anxiety is made of illusory thoughts – thoughts I can let go of.

When I see most situations as they truly are, turns out there are nothing to be afraid of.

I’m growing in my ability to turn off my fearful thoughts.

I can relax and talk myself out of anxiety.

I keep my mind to busy thinking positive thoughts so I don’t have time to think negative ones.

I am learning to control my mind and choose the thoughts I think.

I am gaining more confidence in myself, knowing I can handle any situation.

I am calm, confident and secure – I am calm, cool and collected.

I have learned to have more ease and peace in my life by taking it slowly.

As I grow in my ability to relax and feel secure I realize there is nothing to fear.

I am growing in confidence knowing I can handle any situation.

(I will do this blog in two parts as it will be a little long winded…)

To Be Continued…..

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